Posh+Lavish Rewards Official Terms and Conditions

Posh+Lavish Rewards is designed to reward you for increasing your knowledge and sales of Posh+Lavish products. By registering for
and participating in this program, you agree to and acknowledge the following rules:

  1. To participate you must be able to say yes to the following 3 stipulations:
    1. Employed at an authorized Posh+Lavish Dealer
    2. In good standing with Posh+Lavish
    3. A retail sales associate, manager, or owner.
  2. All sales must be entered on www.poshAwards.com within 120 days of the invoice date. Eligible products are listed on the rewards program website under “Eligible Products”.
  3. Invoices can only be entered one time. Please enter all qualifying sales information prior to clicking on “Record Sale”.
  4. Points may not be earned for: sales to retail/dealer outlets; sales for projects and or commercial applications; sales generated by internet web sites or other e-commerce methods.
  5. From time to time, promotions may include additional opportunities to earn points or rewards. In the event of a sweepstakes, winner(s) may be randomly selected from all entries; no alternative prizes will be available for sweepstakes and instant win opportunities.
  6. Points are redeemable for a wide variety of reward options, including merchandise (i.e. an Apple iPad, Samsung LED, etc.), and travel.
  7. Rewards cannot be returned or exchanged; all redemptions are final.
  8. Points earned by participants are non-transferable; cash cannot be substituted for rewards.
  9. You can view your point activity and check your available point balance through your online account at any time via selecting the “My Account” option from the menu bar, then the My Statement link.
  10. Posh+Lavish Rewards reserves the right to audit claims at its own discretion and request proper documentation for verification. Upon redeeming for awards or after entering a sale, participants may receive an email from Reward Headquarters requesting specific copies of invoice(s) for audit purposes. Participants must fax all invoice(s) within 10 business days to 404-382-6010. Failure to provide the requested invoice(s) within 10 business days will result in the cancellation of the order and your account will be put on hold.
  11. Orders that have been entered and then cancelled are subject to points removal.
  12. Misrepresentation of invoice(s) entered on Posh+Lavish Rewards will result in removal from the program.
  13. In accordance with IRS regulations, Posh+Lavish is required to issue individual showroom associates a 1099 form for all rewards exceeding $600 per calendar year, as these are considered taxable income. All tax liabilities are the sole responsibility of the participants. Provision of SSN is mandatory upon first point redemption.
  14. Participants who do not access their Posh+Lavish Rewards account (login to their account by entering username and password) for more than 6 months may result in an Inactive Status and the forfeiture of all points earned.
  15. Posh+Lavish is the sole judge of eligible orders and program disputes. All decisions regarding eligibility and award issuance made by Posh+Lavish are final.
  16. Posh+Lavish reserves the right to cancel or amend this program or any portion thereof without prior written notification. Any amendments or suspension may affect your ability to use points or rewards you have already earned. Upon cancellation, any points or rewards will be forfeited without compensation. Points and rewards may be forfeited without compensation for any violations of these rules.
  17. Every effort is made by Posh+Lavish Rewards to ensure all information is accurately presented. However, Posh+Lavish Rewards assumes no liability or responsibility for errors in this or any other communications pertaining to this program.
  18. For terms on all awards redeemed please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.